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BluFi Wireless acquired LMC Wireless in 2007, and became one of the largest wholesale suppliers of wireless communications, retail solutions, and digital media products. We are headquartered in Miami, Florida and have our service center in Concord, NC. BluFi Wireless LLC also cooperates with the BluFi international group of companies in product sourcing and development.

The management of BluFi Wireless (formerly LMC Wireless) has been working in the paging industry for over 10 years. Prior to acquire LMC Wireless, BluFi was a distributor of JTech onsite paging systems, and BluFi pagers. This knowledge enables BluFi Wireless (formerly LMC Wireless) to keep in mind the needs of the paging industry. It has kept us focused on the real day to day issues and the realization of what a distributor should be doing to support its valued customers.
BluFi Wireless (formerly LMC Wireless) management has been involved in virtually all aspects of communication within the health care, hospitality, fire and emergency services, police, and other municipal facilities. This combination of experience has proven to be the key to understanding the needs of most customers.
BluFi’s product line includes:
Wireless Communications:
  • New Pocsag and Flex Pagers: BluFi (Numeric: BWA1L14 1 Line Front Display, BWNUMT Top Display. Alphanumeric: BWA1L14 1 Line, BW98E 2 Lines, BW28A 4 Lines, BW848E 8 Lines. Text-To-Voice: BWV90. Vibration, beep & flash: BWPRT9E), Unication (Alphanumeric: Alpha Elite, Alpha Gold. Numeric: NP 88 and Daviscomms.
  • Refurbished Motorola Pagers: Motorola (Numeric: Bravo 500, Bravo 501, Bravo, Bravo, Pro Encore, T10 Numeric, Ultra, Express Extra. Alphanumeric: Advisor, Advisor, Advisor Gold, Advisor Pro, Memo Express, Worldline Flex, T350, Bravo 800. Voice: Keynote)
  • Repair service: BluFi Wireless continues with the long tradition of excellent workmanship and quality service that characterized LMC Wireless during its long time in business. BluFi Wireless is a full service repair facility. We provide repairs to all Motorola Pagers, except Minitors and those not shown on the schedule below. Please click on the following link for the pager repair schedule of prices.
  • Onsite paging systems: BluFi (PageCall™, Waiter Call™, People Call™, Table Call™). JTech (Serv Alert®, Smart Alert®, PeopleAlert®).
  • VHF/UHF Transmitters: BW2800A (UHF 25W Amplifier), BW6212 Series (VHF/UHF 0.5W-4W Transmitters), BW2000T (VHF 2W Tone Only Transmitter), BW4000T (UHF 4W Transmitters).
  • PC-based communications: Genesis Blue, Genesis.
Retail Solutions:
  • Carrying the Tagnetics’ Electronic Shelf Label system.
Digital Media:
  • Digital signage.
  • Digital menu systems.
  • Wireless tabletop audio system
    We at BluFi Wireless (formerly LMC Wireless) appreciate your business and assure you that we stand behind every product we sell and every repair we perform.
Note: BluFi Wireless and its logo are registered marks of BluFi Wireless LLC. ServAlert, SmartAlert and PeopleAlert are registered marks of JTech Communications, Inc®.

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