Pager Repair

BluFi Wireless (formerly LMC Wirless Industries), Your #1 Supplier In The Wholesale Wireless Industry. We carry a variety of pagers and beepers. including New Motorola, Refurbished Motorola, Bravo Flex, Bravo Plus,BR850, LS350, LS550, LS750, Pro Encore Flex, Pronto, T10, Ultra Express, Express Extra; Alpha Numeric: Advisor, Advisor Elite, Advisor Gold, Advisor Pro, Memo Express, T350, Worldline Flex. New and refurbished Daviscomms pagers (Numeric: BR 500, BR 501, BR502, BR800, BR802). New Unication (Alpha Elite, Alpha Gold, NP 88) and New Apollo (Apollo Gold, Apollo 924, Apollo 777, Apollo T2000).

BluFi Wireless is a full service repair facility. We provide repairs to all Motorola Pagers, except Minitors and those not shown on the schedule below. Please note the schedule of prices listed below:


Bravo, Bravo plus, Bravo LX, Encore, Encore Pro $22.00
Express Extra $25.00
Advisor $25.00
Advisor Gold Pocsag $35.00
Advisor gold Flex $19.00
Advisor elite $39.00
LS 350-LS550-LS750-LS850 $21.00
Bravo 802 $39.00
Bravo 500/501/502 $25.00
Keynote Pagers are priced by the pager. There will be a $10.00 check out price per pager. This charge will be credited if the pager is repaired and billed accordingly.


  • Includes all the necessary parts and accessories to return the pagers to its original specs, except for LCD, casing and housing parts that are not included and are charged separately.
  • We will also repair or replace pagers with physical damage and water damage.
BluFi Wireless guaranties all repair work against pager malfunction for a period of 30 days. Physical or water damage is not covered as a warranty item..
Turn around time in most cases is 7 to 10 business days. We will also do contract repairs at a reduced rate.

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