Unication Alpha Elite


Display up to 4 lines of text and 20 Alpha characters per line
4 lines to 2 lines Zoom Display for larger view
Optimax EL Electra Light Display and EL Automatic Turn on
Clear Time of Day and Date Display
PPS Optional 10 Canned Messages
Built-in Alarm Clock
User Selectable Alerts, including Vibrating alert, standard alert, Chirping Alert, seven different Pleasing alerts or no alert (silent)
Reminder alert of Unread Message
Graphic Battery Guage Indicator
Out of range alert
Memory full indicator
Total 32KB Characters Message Memory Capacity
Duplicate Message Management when additional and identical pages are received
Selective erase/erase all features
Saves Messages when off or changing the battery
Important messages lock
Notebook entries
Message preview on viewing the first line of each message
Message Time and Date Stamping
Upto 2025 characters for Private Message
Upto 5025 characters for Mail drop message
Auto on/off
Set Message Alarm


  VHF 900 MHz
Frequency Range 143-174 MHZ 929-932 MHz
Baud Rate (bps) 1600/3200/6400 1600/3200/6400
Code Format FLEX FLEX
Paging Sensitivity (u/Vm) Baud 1600 : <=8 u/Vm
Baud 3200 : <=11 u/Vm
Baud 6400 : <=13.5 u/Vm
Baud 1600 : <=8 u/Vm
Baud 3200 : <=11 u/Vm
Baud 6400 : <=13.5 u/Vm
Selectivity >=55 dB >=50 dB
Spurious & Image Rejection >=40 dB >=40 dB
Frequency Stability <=+/-15 ppm <=+/-3.5 ppm
Channel Spacing 25 kHz (Narrow Band Available) 25 kHz (Narrow Band Available)
Receiver Type Synthesized Synthesized
Address Capability 16 FLEX address 16 FLEX address
Frequency Deviation +/-4.8kHz +/-4.8kHz
Alert Tone SPL >=78 dB@12 in (2700 Hz Standard Alert) >=78 dB@12 in (2700 Hz Standard Alert)
Operating Temperature 50 to 400 C 50 to 400 C
Storage Temperature -400 to +850 C -400 to +850 C
Power Supply 1.5V, AA Alkaline Battery X 1 1.5V, AA Alkaline Battery x 1
Battery Life (Estimated battery life is based on full battery capacity and 2 pagers/day) Auto Baud Detect
90 days


Auto Baud Detect
90 days
Low Battery Alert level 1.24 Volts 1.24 Volts
Dimensions 81.0X55.0X18.5 mm (3.19X2.16X0.73m) 81.0 x 55.0 x 18.5 mm (3.19 x 2.16 x 0.73m)
UL Rating Class 1, Division II, Groups A,B,C,D Class 1, Division II, Groups A,B,C,D

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