Unication Gear Star Red Alert

Unication Gearstar Coaster Pagergearstar pager stack charger


LED, When you are paged, the LED buzzes, beeps, or vibrates with red light.

Choices of Alerts:
Vibrate, Beep, or Blink

Page Alert:
When you receive a page, vibration, blink, or LED blink alerts can work at the same time. You can also choose between one or two of the three alert modes at the same time.

Low Battery Indicator:
When battery power reaches low level, red light starts blinking, prompting you to change battery. All pager alerts change to one second in length.

Stack Charger - Charge up to 10 at one go
A maximum of 10 Gear Star pagers can be stacked and charged at the same time.This charger will not damage batteries by overcharging.



Gearstar Pager Specifications

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