Unication NP 88 Pocsag


 - Backlight: In low-light conditions, the backlight makes the screen easy to read
 - Standby screen: The standby screen displays the time of day/date or no display.
 - Time of Day and Day/Month: The time of day and the date display whether the pager is on or off
 - Low Battery Indicator: When battery power reaches low level, low cell is displayed, prompting you to change battery. All pagers alerts change to two seconds in length.
- Automatic Alert Reset: The pager alerts automatically stop, even if no buttons are pressed.
- Personal Alarm: This alarm can be set to alert you. The alarm works even when the pager is off.
- Reminder Alert: The pager chirps or vibrates every two minutes until you read all unread messages.
- User Selectable Audible alerts: A selection of five alert tones give you a choice of message alerts heard when you are paged in the audible alert mode D.
- Duplicate Messages: If the same message is received more than once, duplicate sign is displayed at the beginning of the latest message. This message contains the latest timestamp and prevents a repeated message from taking an extra memory slot.
- Message Erase: Messages can be erased all at once or selectively at your choice to free space in memory.
- Memory Retention: All messages remain in memory, even when the pager is off and while the battery is being replaced.
- Memory Capacity: The NP-88 FLEX pager can store up to sixteen 20-character messages, for a total of 320 characters.
- Message Protect: You can protect up to eight messages stored in the pager memory.
- Overflow: Overflow is displayed when more unread messages are received than the available message memory can hold. After you read all of your unread messages, the standby screen is displayed.
- Timestamp: The time and the date of a message received are displayed on the screen after each message.




       VHF                                       UHF                                     900

Frequency Range

137 – 143MHz               450 – 460MHz                 929 – 932MHz
143 – 153MHz               460 – 470MHz
153 – 163MHz
163 – 174MHz



Transmission Speed

512, 1200, 2400 bps


512:bps: ≤ 5 u/Vm                   512:bps: ≤ 6 u/Vm             512:bps: ≤ 6 u/Vm

1200:bps: ≤ 7 u/Vm                 1200:bps: ≤ 8 u/Vm           1200:bps: ≤ 8 u/Vm

2400:bps: ≤ 10 u/Vm               2400:bps: ≤ 10 u/Vm        2400:bps: ≤ 10 u/Vm


≥ 60 dB                                         ≥ 55 dB                                 ≥ 50 dB

Frequency Stability

+/- 15 ppm                                    +/- 15 ppm                            +/- 3.5 ppm

Spurious Rejection

≥ 50 dB                                          ≥ 50 dB                      40 dB below carrier

Alert Tone

78 dB@12 inches (2730 Hz Standard Alert)

Operation Temperature

5 to 40 (40 to 105)

Channel Spacing

25 KHz

Frequency Deviation


Power Supply

1.5V AAA-size Alkaline x 1

Battery Life

2 pages per day; 24 hours on, full-capacity Alkaline battery
512 Baud: ≈ 25 days
1200 Baud: ≈ 23 days
2400 Baud: ≈ 20 days

Weight with Battery

60 g


63.65mm x 45mm x 17.5mm


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