Motorola Keynote Voice Pagers


Motorola Keynote pagers (sometimes called "Fire Pagers") are the most proven voice pager on the market in its class, and the most affordable. All our pagers will be delivered to you in new or like new original Motorola Housings. Each pager will look and perform like new. We have many custom and standard frequencies in stock and can always order what you need to meet your demand if we don't have it in stock.
We can support most any band split requirement.
VHF Bands between 138 MHz and 175 MHz
UHF Bands between 408 MHz and 488 MHz
Standard 900 MHz bands
The Keynote Pagers are in stock and come in several formats:
Keynote 5/6 tone
Keynote Golay (GSC)
Keynote Golay with numeric display (Voice Digital)
Keynote 2 tone
Keynote 2 tone with voice storage

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