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BluFi Wireless (formerly LMC Wirless Industries), Your #1 Supplier In The Wholesale Wireless Industry! We carry a variety of pagers and beepers. including New BluFi, Refurbished Motorola, Bravo Flex, Bravo Plus,BR850, LS350, LS550, LS750, Pro Encore Flex, Pronto, T10, Ultra Express, Express Extra; Alpha Numeric: Advisor, Advisor Elite, Advisor Gold, Advisor Pro, Memo Express, T350, Worldline Flex. New and refurbished Daviscomms pagers (Numeric: BR 500, BR 501, BR502, BR800, BR802). New Unication (Alpha Elite, Alpha Elegant, NP 88,G1 Voice Pager) and New Apollo (Apollo Gold, Apollo 924, Apollo 777, Apollo T2000).


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